The Importance of Ingredient Transparency

At Packworks Ltd we pride ourselves on working with reliable and reputable manufacturers and supplying the highest quality products and personal customer care to all in the food industry. As market leaders, we supply a vast range of allergen safe marinades, spices and burger mixes.

We work closely with leading EU manufacturers to supply wet ingredient mixes and Irish manufacturers for dry seasonings. We carefully selected our partners as their ethos and philosophy surrounding food transparency aligned with our own. 

Dry Seasonings and glazes are supplied as dry powders designed to coat meat and poultry. The juices from meat are drawn out by the dry glaze mix making your meat extra tasty. Pinhead Rusk is the smallest size of rusk used to make the ideal sausage and burger. We aim to provide gluten free options where possible and are happy to supply food certificates with each order. Packworks Ltd also supplies natural and synthetic sausage casings. Convenient small caddies for ease of use. 

We want all our consumers to experience the flavours of the world with our wide range of spices and marinades. The unique taste sensations of simple spices are easy to use in many different dishes. We have oil and water-based options as well as allergen safe and gluten-free recipes to cater for all. 

We believe that everyone should be able to eat safe, tasty food. Packworks Ltd encourages and promotes ingredient transparency to open up the possibilities for those affected by food allergies to have the same amazing food experience as everyone else. Our experts have extensive knowledge of the ingredients and flavours, working closely and intensively with customers by providing training demonstrations and tastings to develop end products.

Contact us today to learn more about food transparency and how we can work together to help others experience food they way it should be!

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