The Importance of Ingredient Transparency

At Packworks Ltd we pride ourselves on working with reliable and reputable manufacturers and supplying the highest quality products and personal customer care to all in the food industry. As market leaders, we supply a vast range of allergen safe marinades, spices and burger mixes. We work closely with leading EU manufacturers to supply wet […]

Compostable Food Packaging? Look No Further!

At Packworks Ltd we are aware of the increasing demand for biodegradable and compostable food packaging solutions. We are dedicated to finding the perfect solution for you! We strive to take action against everchanging environmental issues and enforce change, one customer, at a time. We have decided to take our own action through the development […]

Hands-Free Hand Hygiene – How and why does it work?

Handwashing is regarded as one of the most important elements in infection control. When we wash our hands with soap and chemical agents we don’t just clean them, we disinfect them. What’s the difference? Cleaning removes physical dirt that we can see but it may not remove harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses. Disinfection is the […]

Packworks Scoop Major Award

Packworks Ltd are delighted to announce we are ‘The Best Food Packaging & Equipment Supplier, 2021’, awarded by the Irish Enterprise Awards. Having started our journey in 2012, we are proud of our family-run Irish SME. Our Managing Director, Seamus Beirne, has over 35 years experience in the trade. Seamus started Packworks Ltd in Co. […]

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