Hands-Free Hand Hygiene – How and why does it work?

Handwashing is regarded as one of the most important elements in infection control. When we wash our hands with soap and chemical agents we don’t just clean them, we disinfect them. What’s the difference? Cleaning removes physical dirt that we can see but it may not remove harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses. Disinfection is the star of the show. When we disinfect our hands with soap and at least 70% Ethanol based gels, we reduce the amount of live microbes on the skin.

What is hands-free hand hygiene?

When we disinfect our hands in public places, we are exposed to several ‘touch points’ that are a party spot for bacteria and viruses. We thought, we can do one better. Our medical grade, stainless-steel, pedal-operated hand sanitising stations are guaranteed to reduce the transmission of infection. Our units are durable, eco-friendly and multifunctional. Our clients have reported this is the most reliable sanitiser on the market. Contactless hand sanitisation can bring extraordinary value to you – hand hygiene reduces claims, sick leave and is simple, easy and inexpensive.

As our units are completely contactless, we provide reassurance to all clients and employees. For maximum return on investment, we have accessories for our units to up-cycle them. Stainless-steel can withstand indoor and outdoor environments, is easily disinfected and recycled. You can transform our units into lights, rope barriers, ash trays and bins! Check out our products page for more. From all of us at Packworks Ltd, keep safe and protect each other.

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