Hand Gel, Soap and Sani Clean

All products are manufactured in Ireland and conform to ISO 9002 Quality Standards.  Food Safe Cleaners and Sanitisers: Prove to be effective against a wide range of bacteria, fungi and viruses. Designed for use anywhere there is a risk of contamination or infection.

  • Hand Sanitiser Gel:  Contains 70% Ethanol. Designed for regular use and contains moisturising agents to ensure skin does not become dry. Odourless once dry.
  • Antibac Hand Soaps: Effective against a wide range of bacteria, also an anti-fungal, anti-spore and anti-viral agent. Designed for use where there maybe a risk of contamination or cross-infection caused by the handling of food, goods or instruments.
  • Sani Clean: Suitable and highly effective degreasing agent. Safe to use in kitchens and foodservice areas.

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