Christmas specials

Christmas is one of the most hectic times of the year; there is just so much to get ready!

All the preparations help to make Christmas such a special time of year. Get prepared early and avoid the stress.

Have we enough Turkey Carrier Bags?
Have we ordered the spices and marinades yet?
Better get the Sausage Meat Sleeves ordered
Have I ordered the stuffing mix?

The list is endless. Have I forgotten something?



All sizes available for packing full poultry and meat. Suitable for all deep freeze orders.

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Ideal for full turkey or ham Easy to use tear off bags Superior Quality Extra Strong

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Oven Cook Vacuum Bags

Best Seller for your Christmas Turkey Breasts and all Joints leaving your meats super succulent. Easy preparation: The packaged foods can be cooked in the package in the oven or the microwave. The taste and quality of the products are maintained in the package during the cooking process. There is no weight loss in the […]

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These timers eliminate guesswork in accurately measuring temperatures and indicating ‘doneness’, therefore reducing risk and increasing safety.  Stick the timer into the turkey before you put it in the oven for roasting and once the meat is cooked the centre of the timer will pop up to alert you.

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Used in the meat industry for shaping and enhancing appearance of product for presentation. Suitable options for Boiling and roasting available. Red and White / White Variety of sizes: 6”, 7”, 8”, 9”, 10” 100 metres per roll

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A Christmas favourite.  A perfect blend of herbs and savoury onion.  A great choice for the festive season and any time of the year. Just add water.

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These festive Meat Sleeves enhance your meat display for Christmas For packing 500g of sausage meat or stuffing 100 sleeves per pack

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Spices and Marinades

Experience the flavours of the world with our wide range of spices and marinades for the food industry. The unique taste sensations of simple spices are easy to use in many different dishes. Oil and Water-based Allergen safe Gluten-Free options

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Enhance your Christmas display with our vast choice of Trays sizes and garnishes. Choice of sizes Choice of shapes and depts Superior Quality

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The old favourite. Large enough to hold full turkey or full ham. Excellent Quality Carrier Bag Extra Strong Printed

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Twine and Netting

Butchers Twine is used to hold your meat in place during cooking. Food Safe and BRC approved. Tough and durable Holds from 25kg in weight Available in 4R, 5R, 104R, Red/White, Cotton, Poly Cotton, Elastomeric Twine (Suitable for tying machines)   Meat Netting: Used in the meat industry for shaping and enhancing appearance of product […]

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Vacuum bags

Whatever the product you are packing from Meat, Fish, Vegetables, Potatoes, Cheese etc. we have the pouch suitable for you.  The benefit of vacuum-packed products is that their shelf life can exceed normal bagged or wrapped packages. We also have new Oven Vacuum Bags – Up to 220 degrees in stock. PACKWORKS supply a full range […]

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