At Packworks our NEW EVOLVE RANGE is recyclable and environmentally sustainable. Using recycled PET from collected plastic bottles and trays, we can provide you with unique trays for all types of foods suitable for use in the oven, microwave and freezer. This new breakthrough material’s make-up is preserved in the manufacturing process. An array of colour is seen reflecting the recyclable material that makes our Evolve trays. Choose from our sustainable and environmentally friendly Evolve range today!

The Future of Food Packaging

Our Evolve range is attractive and sustainable, using recycled CPET. Wide range available of innovative, affordable and effective packaging solutions.

Freezer & Oven Safe

Our Evolve range maintains integrity throughout a vast temperature range of -40oC to +220oC. An excellent alternative for presentation, performance and sealing.

Join Our Green Mission

Invest in our Evolve range today and join us as leaders in sustainability. Help us “Close the Loop” in our industry, using fully compliant and safe food packaging materials.

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